End christian genocide and persecution in Nigeria



End christian genocide and persecution in Nigeria

134.436 Personen haben bereits unterzeichnet. Helfen Sie bitte mit, 200.000 Unterschriften zu erreichen.

End christian genocide and persecution in Nigeria

In Nigeria, it’s now almost every week a new report surfaces of a kidnapping or gruesome execution of an innocent civilian due to their faith by an Islamic terrorist organization. The government of Nigeria has failed to act on pleas made by local and international human rights groups to stop the senseless violence and persecution of Christians.

If fact, the Nigerian government is turning a blind eye. 

In the past three months alone, kidnappings of priests and pastors have escalated to some of the highest reported numbers the country has ever seen. Clergy and Christian parishioners are being targeted on their way to church services or while attending outreach events to serve the needy.  

Christians do not feel safe in Nigeria as the agenda of these Islamic terror cells is to instill chaos and fear by way of kidnapping, murder, or torture.

And too, it’s heartbreaking enough, but even more so to know that children have not been spared as targets of kidnapping or being held captive as slaves and the not so lucky ones turned into brides of the grown-up militants. 

Pregnant women are cut open and their babies are removed. An interaction with survivors of the militants who were lucky enough to escape from captivity is always tear-jerking as survivors tell the misery they have gone through in the hands of these extremists.

The fate of many captives is unknown today as is the case of Leah Sharibu and hundreds of others still held in the forests. The government of Nigeria needs to act, they have not shown any resolved effort to end these kidnappings but have only been silent even when pressured to respond to the Christian genocide in their country. We can not keep quiet, something needs to be done to save Christians in Nigeria.

Please sign our petition addressed to the Defense Minister Major General Bashir Salihi Magashi

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Save Christians in Nigeria from Boko Haram and Fulani Extremists

The massacre of Christians in the Federal Republic of Nigeria has gone to the high this year alone with thousands facing uncertainties about their lives while others have been killed and maimed.

The government of Nigeria has not shown any commitment to end this kind of unwarranted persecution of Christians, we call upon you and your ministry to act immediately and save those held captive in forests by Boko Haram and Fulani militants as well as end all killings and maimings at once.

Act immediately.

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End christian genocide and persecution in Nigeria

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134.436 Personen haben bereits unterzeichnet. Helfen Sie bitte mit, 200.000 Unterschriften zu erreichen.