Disband Kenya Medical Board, ask Prof. Magoha to resign



Disband Kenya Medical Board, ask Prof. Magoha to resign

16,920 people have signed. Help us reach 20,000 signatures.

Disband Kenya Medical Board, ask Prof. Magoha to resign

IMPORTANT UPDATE:- Professor George Magoha has offered apology to CitizenGO and asked for forgiveness on his actions.

A remorseful professor  Magoha confessed that he was mistaken not to involve CitizenGO in the process of reviewing the ruling banning Marie Stopes abortion activities in Kenya. Professor in a bid to proof his pro-life stance or rather innocence, lifted his Catholic  Rosary and claimed  to  have never performed abortion neither can he allow the same.
In a meeing with CitizenGO and Marie Stopes , Prof. Magoha explained that he had not lifted abortion on demand for Marie Stopes.Marie Stopes were asked to sign a commitment letter that they wont offer abortions on demand or advocate for the same , they will submit weekly reports to the medical board, that the ruling made in November shall be enforced to the letter and that they will operate within Kenyan law. 



The Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board headed by professor George  Magoha as failed in its role to regulate dubious clinics in Kenya like Marie Stopes and others who rely on conducting abortions and selling illegal medical services in the country.

Last year in September, Marie Stopes abortion clinics were advertising abortions like you could advertise candy in Kenya. CitizenGO managed to raise over 5,000 signatures from people protesting this illegal activity and addressed the concerns to the Cabinet Secretary of Health.

The Cabinet Secretary of health convened an inquiry to investigate Marie Stopes further. This inquiry was named as Ann Kioko vs Marie Stopes and was held at the medical boards offices in Nairobi. During this hearing shocking details were unearthed. This included open admission by Marie Stopes directors that they offered abortions to teenagers without parental consent. Under the Childrens Act of Kenya this is illegal.

Further, Marie Stopes took pride in offering abortions on demand and did not have criteria of offering abortions in their many clinics at a minimum fee of 5,000 Kenyan shilings. Besides , their website and social media pages were advertising abortions against the Kenyan constitution and the penal code.

With this hard evidence, the Kenya Medical Board suspended abortion services of the clinics for 60 days ad ordered them to comply with their provisions. But what is shocking is the u-turn that was taken by the same board in less than 60 days.

The Board quicky lifted abortion activities of Marie Stopes even without offering an explanation to the team that formed complainants. To make it worse, when Professor Magoha was asked for explanations, he arrogantly ignored letters addressed to him and the board.

The rot at the Kenya Medical Board needs to be exposed. The lack in transparency and fairness needs to be stopped. Over 5,000 people demanded explanations but they were ignored by a very arrogant professor Magoha! Is he compromised? Who is he serving?

Besides , the board has also failed terribly in its role to regulate the health sector in Kenya with so many dubious  clinics and unqualified doctors baying for Kenyan blood and lives!

Sign this petition asking CS Sicily Kariuki and President Uhuru Kenyatta to disband the Kenya Medical Board and ask Professor Magoha to resign with immediate effect.

Also ask the president to make sure the CS of health makes public compliance reports by Marie Stopes Kenya.


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Disband KMPDB , ask George Magoha to resign

The incompetency and lack of transparency and fairness with the Kenya Medical Board has appalled many Kenyans. Professor Magoha has seemed to side with abortion clinics like Marie Stopes and have failed to offer explanations when asked to.

The Ministry of Health has also played hide and seek games when it comes to seeking answerson Marie Stopes operations in Kenya.

We ask you, the minister for health to disband the medical board and replace it with other committed Kenyans who are ready to end abortions in Kenya as well as ensure there is sanity with the medical sector in the country.

We also the CS for health to make public monthly reports of Marie Stopes besides providing explanations why no one was jailed after the inquiry on Ann Kioko vs Maries Stopes found the abortion clinics culpable of breaking the Kenyan law.

We hope you act immediately.

[Your Name]

Disband Kenya Medical Board, ask Prof. Magoha to resign

Sign this petition now!

16,920 people have signed. Help us reach 20,000 signatures.