Recall Ambassador Koki Muli from Kenyan mission to the UN in New York

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Recall Ambassador Koki Muli from Kenyan mission to the UN in New York

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Recall Ambassador Koki Muli from Kenyan mission to the UN in New York

When the president of Kenya appoints government officials, we expect the officials to listen and represent all Kenyans without fear or favour .  Ambassador Koki Muli  who serves as the deputy  permanent representative at the Kenyan Mission in the United Nations has failed in her role to represent  ALL Kenyans especially with her current controversial stance against pro-life groups .

During every year's Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations in New York, Kenyans and Citizens from all over the globe want to send a message to their capitals and missions urging them to defend  the family, women and life. Kenyans are pro-life and pro-family.

Ambassador Koki Muli would though not want to receive messages from her constituents , she has termed them as "harassment" instead . Over 1,000 Kenyans sent messages to Her Excellency Ambassador Koki during the Commission on the Status of Women asking her to stand for life and against comprehensive sexuality education which is a major concern in kenya, Africa and the world as a whole. The messages sent to her by her constituents read as follows:-

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Subject: Oppose harmful language in CSW report
Abortion, sexual orientation and gender identity, and comprehensive sexuality education are controversial topics among most United Nations member states. They are not agreed-upon conclusions. Including this language in international documents is culturally insensitive and impedes the local sovereignty of United Nations member states. To better help women and girls globally, please remove any mention of Sexual and Reproductive Health, sexual orientation and gender identity, and Comprehensive Sexuality Education from the final report generated at the sixty-third Commission on the Status of Women. Instead, spend your time and resources focusing on initiatives that promote clean water, eradicating hunger and poverty, and maternal health. Women and girls all over the world will thank you!

Ambassador Koki received about slightly over 1,000 messages signed by different people asking her to defend life and family at the United Nations, but she now has reported to the authorities (according to her inteviews with the media ) so that the messages can be investigated. She has though misreported this to the pro-abortion media that has aired her stories , sometimes she said it was 1,000 messages, in another interview she said 128,000 and another 130,000 messages. 

The biggest question we have is that if the messages were pro-abortion , would she react in such a manner where she calls for deregistration of pro-life groups and their ban from United Nations?

Pro-life groups have served to bring a voice of reason during negotiations and over years managed to curb the pro-abortion and pro-homosexual language, but this has angered many abortionists and misguided feminists at the United Nations who want these pro-life groups kicked out of the United Nations.

The African group has always remained firm about life, family and against comprehensive sexuality education, but many super powers would want Africa to support their culture of death and push for homosexuality, in some instances member states have been coerced to accepting the agenda or loose financial aid.

With this petition we call for the Kenyan ministry of foreign affairs to recall the seemingly biased ambassador and replace her with someone neutral and who can represent Kenyans, the constitition and its spirit without fear or favour.



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Recall Ambassador Koki Muli immediately

Dear Your Excellency Ambassador Monica Juma,

I wish to demand that you recall with immediate effect Her Excellency Ambassador Koki Muli Grignon from representing Kenya at the United Nations Mission in New York.

While she is supposed to be representing Kenyans at the United Nations, she has proven not capable of listening to her constituents.

In this year's  Commission on the Status of Women, Kenyans through the CitizenGO website sent her a petition appealing that she takes pro-life stance at the United Nations negotiations like we have done every year, but she has used this to collaborate with pro-abortions and their media affiliates to attack pro-life groups.

I am proud to use CitizenGO as an advanced technology platform for civil society engagement, but it is disappointing that a government official elected in a high office to represent me and the Kenyan constitution wouldn't want to listen to me but rather wants to shut down the website with which I can express myself.

I am also worried that ambassador Koki's friendship with pro-abortions doesn't represent me as a Kenyan or the Kenyan Constitution of 2010 Article 26 and the penal code. A survey by Ipsos also indicate that majority 87% of Kenyans are pro-life.

With this email I demand that you recall her immediately as she does not represent me.

[Your Name]

Recall Ambassador Koki Muli from Kenyan mission to the UN in New York

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