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Over the last several months there has been several shocking cases of sex trafficking and child rape films that were hosted on Pornhub. 

The Basic Education Ministry in South Africa has launched the Comprehensive Sexuality Education curriculum in schools despite the controversy and uproar from parents and teachers. Funded by United Nations bodies, Comprehensive Sexuality Edcuation is meant to be taught to pupils from Grade 4.

The Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris has been steering the abortion campaign in Kenya for a while now. She has cut a niche for herself as the abortionist to look out for. Currently she is running a very controversial pro-abortion campaign dubbed " She Decides". This campaign is using sloggans like  "My Body, My Choice" and asserts that  abortion is the "New Normal".

Corona Virus ( COVID-19) has been declared a disaster by World Health Organization due to its threat to human life.  Since it's outbreak in Wuhan, China, the disease has killed many in China and abroad. To prevent their citizens from the disease that is transferred through human contact, many countries have suspended flights to and from China.

In a few months' time, abortionists will be tabling a bill at the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) to coerce the East African Community to legalize abortion. The bill titled “The Sexual Reproductive and Health Bill” will be more of a back door to legalizing abortion in the whole of East Africa.

Netflix is refusing to respond to you and to the over 1.5 million people who joined you in signing our petition. 

In Nigeria kommt es jede zweite Woche zur Entführung oder Ermordung unschuldiger Bürger aufgrund ihres christlichen Glaubens durch militante Fulani-Hirten oder die islamische Terroristengruppe Boko Haram. Die nigerianische Regierung hat auf die vielen lokalen und internationalen Bitten, diese blutige Verfolgung durch geeignete Maßnahmen zu beenden, bisher nicht reagiert.

In den letzten drei Monaten haben sich die Entführungen, insbesondere von christlichen Priestern und Pastoren, massiv ausgeweitet.

A cada duas semanas, ocorre na Nigéria um sequestro ou assassinato de um cidadão inocente devido à sua fé por militantes Fulani ou pelo grupo terrorista islâmico Boko Haram. O governo da Nigéria não tem respondido aos muitos pedidos locais e internacionais para interromper essa perseguição e fazer justiça àqueles que morreram ou ainda são mantidos em cativeiro.

Pupils in Kenya are at a huge risk as more and more infiltration of sexually provocative books continues to happen. Just recently , we were able to stop Story Moja profane books from being used in primary schools. The Ministry of Education needs to be more vigilant of these kind of infiltration as it is detrimental to the very need of taking children to school.

Every other time, a country is reviewed at the United Nations in Geneva in a process termed as the Universal Periodic Review.

Netflix has produced a film depicting Jesus as a homosexual as part of their Christmas messaging which is purely absurd and unacceptable.

Every other week in Nigeria, there is a kidnapping or a murder of an innocent citizen due to their faith by either militant Fulani herdsmen or the Islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram.  The government of Nigeria has not acted to so many pleas local and international to stop this persecution and serve justice to those who have died or still being held captive.

Every Friday night for the last few years, viewers in Kenya have been treated to profane content through a television programme hosted by Citizen TV Kenya dubbed 10 over 10.

Der Bevölkerungsfond der Vereinten Nationen (UNFPA) veranstaltet in Zusammenarbeit mit den Regierungen Kenias und Dänemarks im November die Weltbevölkerungskonferenz (ICPD25) in Nairobi, Kenia. Vor 25 Jahren wurde in Kairo die erste Weltbevölkerungskonferenz abgehalten. Damals wurde zum ersten Mal die Agenda zur Bevölkerungskontrolle durch Abtreibung forciert. Seit dem Gipfel in Kairo hat der UNFPA weltweit die Geburtenkontrolle vorangetrieben...

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is partnering with the governments of Kenya and Denmark to host the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD+25) in Nairobi, Kenya. 25 years ago the ICPD was held in Cairo where, for the first time, the agenda of population control through abortion was set forth.

In the wake of an unfortunate incident in one of the Kenyan schools where a young boy used vulgar language to harass a female student in the same school, a number of disturbing discoveries have been made.  One of them being that there is a lot of laxity when it comes to approvals of content being consumed by our school going children. 

Former Military Hospital doctor, Dr Jacques de Vos, has been charged by the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) for advising that abortion is the killing of an unborn human being. Dr De Vos, who is a member of Doctors For Life International (DFL) will finally be able to respond to charges after waiting more than two years since being barred from practicing as a

On Friday, June 28, Amazon stopped selling books that describe methods to heal homosexuality or suppress unwanted same-sex desires.

Amazon censored the following titles, among others: 

It is very unfortuante that Nigerians have to demand to be protected from evil content yet the National Film and Video Censors Board claims to be doing its job. The rather pornographic Big Brother Naija which is part of Big Brother Africa has caused anger and disgust in Nigeria with many citizens feeling exposed and unprotected.