World Health Organization: Help save lives in Nepal NOW!

World Health Organization: Help Nepal get the vaccine they need


World Health Organization: Help save lives in Nepal NOW!

7,870 people have signed. Help us reach 10,000 signatures.

World Health Organization: Help save lives in Nepal NOW!

The monsoons are coming to Nepal in July. Every year, they bring sustained and heavy rain. And, all of this water can cause flooding and disease.

Chief among these diseases is Hepatitis E, a nasty infection which affects more than 20 million people, worldwide, every year, and which has up to a 25% mortality rate for pregnant women and their unborn babies.

Because of the recent, massive earthquakes in Nepal, thousands of displaced people are living in camps, deprived of dependable sources of clean water.

And, Hepatitis E spreads through contaminated water.

In a letter to the prestigious Lancet medical journal Dr Harry Dalton, representing 21 of his colleagues, recently estimated that more than 500 pregnant women and their babies will die this year in Nepal, if an outbreak of Hepatitis E occurs.

Urgent action must now, therefore, be taken to prevent huge numbers of these disease-related deaths.

Fortunately, there is a vaccine (produced without fetal tissue) which is effective against Hepatitis E. In a Chinese study, it had success rates of over 95%.

But, the World Health Organization (WHO) is the primary organization which qualifies vaccines for use by UN and other aid agencies, and they have not recommended the routine use of this vaccine.

The WHO has, however, suggested that the vaccine might be used in emergency situations. And, therefore, Dr Dalton and his colleagues, have called on the WHO and the Nepalese government to make the availability of this vaccine an urgent priority.

With this petition we are now echoing the call of the doctors who would like to see the WHO throw their weight behind this project and fast-track the approval process for the vaccine in these circumstances. We would also like to see the Nepalese government take an active role in making this vaccine available to those most likely to become infected.

Please sign this urgent petition to help save lives in Nepal.

It would be tragic if, after the devastation of the earthquakes, disease were heaped upon the country.

Help get the bureaucracy of the WHO moving, and sign this petition!

Thank you!

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WHO Leaders: Help the Nepalese People Get the Vaccine They Need

Dear WHO Leaders,

The monsoon season will be starting shortly in Nepal. So far, your work there, to ease the suffering of those hit by the earthquakes, has been timely and effective.

But, as the premier worldwide organization for testing and approving vaccines, you hold the key to helping the Nepalese people avoid the added suffering of Hepatitis E. Although you have not given the green light to this vaccine in your prequalification process, you did not preclude its use in certain situations. In fact, in your report on the vaccine, HEV239, you say that, "...the use of the vaccine to mitigate or prevent outbreaks of Hepatitis E should be considered as well as the use of the vaccine to mitigate consequences in high risk groups such as pregnant women."

Unfortunately, as you are aware, the vaccine is now only licensed in China. This is a pity, especially since you, yourselves, acknowledge that the vaccine could "mitigate or prevent outbreaks."

Well, time is now of the essence!

So, echoing the doctors who wrote an open letter to the Lancet Journal, I ask that you put your moral and ethical weight behind helping the Nepalese government get a supply of this vaccine, and then put your logistical expertise to use in the distribution and monitoring of voluntary patient outcomes.

The Nepalese people have already been through one trauma with the earthquakes. A second trauma, especially when preventable, would be very cruel.

Thank you for your solicitude and understanding in this matter, and I hope you are able to act quickly - something which would enable people to better comprehend your role in the mainteance of the health of world's people.

[Your Name]

World Health Organization: Help save lives in Nepal NOW!

Sign this petition now!

7,870 people have signed. Help us reach 10,000 signatures.