INTERPOL: Stop Abortion Drone Attacks in the EU

Abortion activists send deadly drugs across borders by drone


INTERPOL: Stop Abortion Drone Attacks in the EU

8,052 people have signed. Help us reach 10,000 signatures.

INTERPOL: Stop Abortion Drone Attacks in the EU

This may sound crazy, but it's true: some radical abortion promoters are using drones to transport abortion pills across national borders (in the EU) for cheap publicity. They have done it once already, and now they're preparing to do it again in other pro-life EU countries, like Ireland and Malta. In this petition, we are asking INTERPOL to intervene in these dangerous stunts.

Women on Waves have a knack for stirring controversy. In the past, the usual tactic of this Dutch abortion promoter had been to sail their boat off the coast of a pro-life country and dispense abortion drugs while still in international waters.

Now, Women on Waves have hit on another tactic, or, rather, a different gimmick: they're using drones to carry abortion drugs from one country to another. On 27 June, in the first case of its type, the abortion group flew two drones, with abortion drugs taped to their landing gear, from Frankfurt an der Oder, Germany, to Slubice, Poland.

Waiting in Poland were Polish abortion activists who, though not pregnant, actually swallowed the abortion pills. While Polish police did not get involved, these brazen activists were skirting the law and arrogantly challenging the pro-life ethos of Polish law and culture.

In Germany, by contrast, the Women on Waves activists were actually cautioned by German police and had their drone piloting gear confiscated. And now, German authorities are now deciding whether or not to charge the activists under the Arzneimittelgesetz (medicines law). Though the group claim that drugs had been legally prescribed, it seems that the German authorities may wish to test the law in this instance.

If Women on Waves, and groups like them, aren't discouraged from these types of action, they will only become emboldened. And, don't forget, Ireland and Malta are still in their cross-hairs.

This type of stunt needs to be stopped for these principal reasons: 1) by flying a drone with lethal drugs across a border to help promote abortion, this is essentially an attack on the laws and culture of a sovereign nation - an insult to an entire country; 2) an accident could occur whereby a drone could crash and scatter these dangerous drug across the countryside, leading to accidental ingestion by children or wildlife; and 3) other people may get the idea to play copycat and start their own transnational drugs trade via drone, which could multiply the ill effects of these lethal drugs.

And, as well, this stunt reinforces the abortion industry's desire to reduce the requirement for physician intervention - to make abortion a completely private matter. Abortion promoters would probably like to see a situation where drugs are delivered directly to one's front door, with only a single consultation.

For all of these reasons, we call on INTERPOL to send Women on Waves a strong message against these arrogant and dangerous publicity stunts.

Please sign this petition to help send this message. Thank you!



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INTERPOL: Please help stop dangerous abortion drones

Dear Secretary General Stock,

I am writing to you with an urgent request to investigate the Dutch activist organization, Women on Waves, led by Rebecca Gomperts.

As you may know, this radical organization recently launched a drone across a national boundary, from Germany into Poland. And, as their own website states, their activists were cautioned by German police, who are deciding on whether or not to bring charges under the Arzneimittelgesetz (medicines law).

Nevertheless, Women on Waves have stated in previous interviews that they intend to broaden their campaign, perhaps flying abortion pills into Ireland and Malta.

In the past, Women on Waves have been known for arrogantly sailing off the coast of pro-life countries and dispensing abortion drugs while still in international waters. Their promotion of abortion and their cultural superiority complex are bad enough.

But, this new publicity stunt could have other serious, unintended consequences. For instance, what would happen if one of their drones crashes, causing the abortion drugs to scatter over the countryside? An unsuspecting child could ingest these powerful drugs, possibly causing great harm.

For this reason, and also because the actions of Women on Waves are transnational in nature, I am writing to ask INTERPOL to intervene in their planned activities. At a minimum, the Dutch, Irish and Maltese police authorities should be notified and asked to caution Women on Waves against this kind of dangerous publicity stunt.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

[Your Name]

INTERPOL: Stop Abortion Drone Attacks in the EU

Sign this petition now!

8,052 people have signed. Help us reach 10,000 signatures.