BREAKING...Asia Bibi's Death Sentence Suspended!

Liberty for Asia Bibi!


BREAKING...Asia Bibi's Death Sentence Suspended!

673,687 people have signed. Help us reach 1,000,000 signatures.

BREAKING...Asia Bibi's Death Sentence Suspended!

UPDATE - July 22nd. After having confirmed with our friends in Pakistan, we wanted to share the good news with you that Asia Bibi's death sentence has been suspended! On Wednesday, July 22nd, the Pakistani Supreme Court decided that the judicial processes of the lower courts suffered from serious defects and have, therefore, ordered for new hearings to be held at a later date.

Of course, this is fantastic news and a step in the right direction! But, just because her death sentence has been suspended, does not mean it has been canceled. At least now, however, a fair trial is on the horizon, and we may have every hope that Asia Bibi will be released from prison in the not-so-distant future. But, in the meantime, we need to persevere in prayer and continue petitioning for her release.


The first court hearing of the Supreme Court of Pakistan in connection with the conviction of Asia Bibi was just set for July 22 this year!

We have no doubt about the fact that Asia Bibi is still alive because the world has taken an interest in her case. When writing to tell us about the specific date of the trial, Asia Bibi's relatives called for continued support: "We ask you with all my heart for your prayers! Please, Europe and the whole world, continue to pray and plea with the Supreme Court [of Pakistan] to free Asia Bibi immediately."

Let's continue our support and persevere in prayer. Please sign the petition. We know that the Pakistani Supreme Court faces huge pressure by Muslim fanatics to have Asia Bibi put to death. Recently, Ashiq Masih - the husband of Asia Bibi - said that there is even a bounty of up to $4,915 for the murder of Asia.

It is worth noting that, in the last couple of months, Asia Bibi's health has dramatically worsened. When her husband and Eisha Masih - their youngest daughter - returned to Pakistan from Europe (where they met with Pope Francis and participated in the CitizenGO "We are Nazarenes"Congress), and visited Asia, they found her in a terrible state of health: she was barely moving and vomiting blood, with symptoms of poisoning. There was a suspicion that someone was trying to poison Asia Bibi in jail. But, now, the close date of the hearing in the Supreme Court gives us new hope for a speedy release of Asia Bibi.

The number of signatures displayed on the counter is the total number of signatures collected for this petitions which CitizenGO has collected in the last several months. Let us now save Asia Bibi together! Our signatures have meaning. They allow us - even a little - to balance the pressure of those who wish to see Asia Bibi dead.

After signing the petition, we invite you to visit, where you can watch the trailer for the film "Freedom for Asia Bibi," by Directors Maciej Grabysy and Michael King (Producers: CitizenGO, Rafael Publishing House,, SWM "Youth for the World"), and order the DVD to spread the message even further.

In a letter to the Supreme Court of Pakistan, a petitioner on behalf of Asia Bibi demanded that the film be recognized as evidence in the case. As the petitioner wrote: "In the film, two of the main accusers - the owner of the field where the event occurred, Mohammed Idris, and local Imam, Mohammed Qari Salim - both admit that they did not hear the words of blasphemy allegedly uttered by Asia Bibi. However, they are two of the principal witnesses for the Pakistani justice system."

Finally, now, on July 22nd, the Supreme Court of Pakistan will hear Asia Bibi's case. Please sign this petition and send a strong message to the Court that justice must be done, and she must be set free.

Thank you.

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Freedom for Asia Bibi / Religious Freedom / Fair trial

To the Supreme Court of Pakistan:

We, the undersigned, call on the Supreme Court of Pakistan to hold a fair trial, and ultimately release Asia Bibi, especially taking into account that intimidation (for example, with the presence of 20 mullahs) was a large feature of the hearings of the lower courts. We expect that Pakistan's Highest Court will not be lacking the necessary judicial independence and objectivity which a fair trial can produce.

We call on the Supreme Court of Pakistan to recognize parts of the documentary movie "Freedom for Asia Bibi" as evidence in the case of Asia Bibi.       

The film includes statements delivered by two of the main accusers: Mohammed Idris (the owner of the field where Asia allegedly committed blasphemy) and Mohammed Salim (the local imam). They both admit that they did not hear Asia Bibi say the words of blasphemy she is accused of.

These most compelling arguments make it necessary to re-examine this case. We are utterly certain of Asia Bibi’s innocence. We deeply believe that, in the light of clear evidence, an unjust sentence ought to be revoked, and Asia Bibi released.

[Your Name]

BREAKING...Asia Bibi's Death Sentence Suspended!

Sign this petition now!

673,687 people have signed. Help us reach 1,000,000 signatures.