Allow prayer on the 50-yard line

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Allow prayer on the 50-yard line

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Allow prayer on the 50-yard line

URGENT UPDATE 10/31/15: Coach Kennedy has been suspended from his coaching position until he agrees to stop his post-game prayers (and ANY public display of religion!). This is a clear assault on Coach Kennedy's religious freedom. It is now more urgent than ever that we stand with Coach Kennedy and demand that the school recognize his right to pray! 


“I spent 20 years in the military defending the Constitution and the freedoms that everybody has . . . All of a sudden, I realized that people who work for the public schools don’t have the same constitutional rights that everyone else has.” 

Coach Kennedy’s bleak words to Fox News convey his upsetting reality over the last month. On September 17th, Coach Kennedy received a letter from Bremerton School District’s Superintendent, demanding that he cease praying at the end of his team’s football games or risk being fired from his job. 

This is an assault on Coach Kennedy’s God-Given and Constitutional First Amendment rights, and the Bremerton School Board should immediately rescind its stance against Coach Kennedy’s prayers.  

Coach Kennedy does not require or coerce any of his student athletes to pray with him. He first started his post-game prayers in 2008, and at the time, he was the only person who participated in these private prayers. After a few games, some of his students asked what he was doing. A few students, who were also Christians, asked if they could join him in his prayers. This was - and still remains - completely voluntary participation. 

As a statement from The Liberty Institute (the religious-liberty law group committed to defending Coach Kennedy) explains, “No reasonable observer could conclude that a football coach who waits until the game is over and the players have left the field and then walks to mid-field to say a short, private, personal prayer is speaking on behalf of the state. Quite the opposite, Coach Kennedy is engaged in private religious expression upon which the state may not infringe. In fact, any attempt by Bremerton School District to ban or prohibit Coach Kennedy—or any private citizen—from praying violates the First Amendment.” 

Please join with us in supporting Coach Kennedy as he continues to exercise his God-given and Constitutional right to pray at the conclusion of his team’s games. 

When you sign this petition, the text will be sent to the Board of Directors and the Superintendent of Bremerton High School. It asks that they rescind their September 17th letter to Coach Kennedy and that they apologize for their assault on his religious liberty. 

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Further Resources: 

Liberty Institute Explanation of the case 

 Fox News article on Coach Kennedy’s situation 

Update on Coach Kennedy's Situation (November 2) 

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Allow prayer on the 50-yard line!

Dear Bremerton High School Board of Directors and Superintendent, 

I would like to register my discontent with any policy that would ban Coach Joe Kennedy from praying after football games. 

Coach Kennedy says a private prayer at the 50-yard line after his high school football games are over and the field has cleared. This occurs after his work and instructional hours are over, and there is no pressure for students to participate in the prayer, although some of them have chosen to join him voluntarily.

It is an assault on Coach Kennedy’s God-given and Constitutional religious liberty to tell him that he must cease praying or risk being fired. According to the First Amendment, Coach Kennedy has a right to express his sincerely-held religious beliefs, and this right does not cease when he steps onto the football field. 

Please rescind your letter demanding that Coach Kennedy cease his prayers and issue an apology to him for your assault on his First Amendment rights. 

[Your Name]

Allow prayer on the 50-yard line

Sign this petition now!

11,532 people have signed. Help us reach 20,000 signatures.