United Nations provides aid only to nations which legalize abortion

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United Nations provides aid only to nations which legalize abortion

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United Nations provides aid only to nations which legalize abortion

The United Nations has pledged to give impoverished countries development aid money on conditions they legalize abortion. 

The United Nations Population Fund´s (UNFPA) report on teenage pregnancy promotes an agenda that consists of: 

  • Financial aid for development planning that includes legalizing abortion and making it a fundamental right.
  • The use of public funds to invest in immoral "sexual and reproductive health"
  • The rejection of marriage 

The UNFPA report is devastating, as it attempts to mandate Member States to follow their agenda on teen pregnancy, at it makes contraceptives easily available, publically funds abortions, denies parents’ rights, and rejects marriage. "There is an under-investment in sexual and reproductive health," they say. But yet, there is no mention of abstinence. It seems like this initiative is sponsored by contraceptive industry? 

The report by the UNFPA says there is a "gap between the situations of adult attitudes and adolescents." On this basis, it rejects abstinence and pushes for contraceptives, abortion and the morning after pill. Mandating that all participating nations must: 

  • Provide low-cost or free contraceptives
  • Give advice on “sexual and reproductive health”
  • Remove “legal and political barriers" to abortion, making abortion legal and a fundamental right.
  • Fund programs on sexual and reproductive health.

All the statistics in this report were supplied by International Planned Parenthood (IPPF). IPPF’s number 1 profit making business is abortion. They have continuously profited from decisions made by government bodies based off their false or misleading statistics. They can easily push their agenda with simple phrases such as “fund developing countries to make abortions safer for women” as they present statistics saying “each year there are 3.2 million abortions that risk the lives of women in sub-Saharan Africa.” This is a fallacy.

The UN proposal is outright irresponsible. By no means should the teaching on abstinence be replaced by free contraceptives and abortions.

According another IPPF statistic provided in the UNFPA report: in the case of a teenage mother, a new-born baby’s chance of dying before its first birthday increases by 50%. Using these false and misleading statistics, the report is suggesting, that is this case, a baby is not worth being born and uses this as a cause for abortion.

Knowing that emergency contraceptives are used as a means to terminate pregnancy, the report lies by saying it "interrupts ovulation and reduces the chance of pregnancy by 90%. It can not prevent implantation of a fertilized egg, harm a developing embryo or terminate a pregnancy". False! The so-called morning-after pill has anovulation and implantation effect. That means it may be abortive.

Lastly, the UN report denigrates marriage. "Parents may value the education of their children or insist girls in the belief that their only destiny is marriage and motherhood." And more: " They can promote their autonomy or succumb to economic and community pressures and force them to marriage and a life of dependency." This is known as alternative manipulation! Is not possible for a parent to educate their daughter in the value of education and a career while teaching her she can have her own family?

Write to the executive director of the UNFPA, Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin, and ask him for a public withdrawal of the report riddled with junk science, statistical lies, and anti-life and anti-family ideology.

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Rectify: no to development aid on conditions of legalizing abortion

Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin, Executive Director

I've had read the UN Population Fund report on teenage pregnancies. As a solution to limit teenage pregnancies, it proposes:  free or low-cost contraceptives and the morning after pill, and the legalization of abortion as a means of birth control. It even proposes to grant development aid for sexual and reproductive health - An absolutely unacceptable ignorance.

This is not a simple report, but rather a public policy agenda. The report consists of misleading statistics. Easier access to contraception always generates unexpected pregnancies, higher rates of sexually transmitted diseases and increased number of abortions.

Therefore I ask you to change your report to value life, family, and healthy relationships.

[Your Name]

United Nations provides aid only to nations which legalize abortion

Sign this petition now!

22,644 people have signed. Help us reach 50,000 signatures.