THANK YOU: 18 Attorneys General Fight Mandated Abortion Drug Coverage

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THANK YOU: 18 Attorneys General Fight Mandated Abortion Drug Coverage

577 people have signed. Help us reach 1,000 signatures.

THANK YOU: 18 Attorneys General Fight Mandated Abortion Drug Coverage

THANK YOU...THANK YOU!! A coalition of eighteen (18) Attorneys General joined together in speaking out against the Health and Human Services Mandate.  

They have taken the time and recognized how this mandate violates many individuals’ religious beliefs. So.....We must NOW take the time and express our appreciation to them for fighting for our values and rights.

As you know, ObamaCare requires most employers to provide health insurance coverage to their employees or pay excessive fines. The Health and Human Services Mandate makes this unreasonable. It requires that employers provide insurance plans that include abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization, contraceptives, and related counseling services. There is currently no exemption for employers, including religious non-profits, unless they are Houses of Worship.

While Houses of Worship are exempt from providing coverage for those services, their nonprofits -- such as Catholic Charities and other outreach ministries -- are not. Private business owners that conscientiously object must also provide these plans.

Currently these business owners and organizations have no other course of action. They must buy into the plans that they conscientiously object to, or pay the excessive fines.

THANKFULLY!! These brave 18 Attorneys General are being extremely vocal against the Health and Human Services Mandate. They are going on record saying that the exemption should extend to all conscientious objectors. RIGHTFULLY SO!

They are receiving much pressure from liberal groups for their actions. We must now join together and thank them for their dedication in preserving our liberties.  

JOIN US in thanking the coalition of 18 Attorneys General for sticking up for our religious freedom and liberty. THIS IS THE LEAST WE CAN DO!


Michael DeWine, Ohio Attorney General

Bill Schuette, Michigan Attorney General

Luther Strange, Alabama Attorney General

Michael C. Geraghty, Alaska Attorney General

John W. Suthers, Colorado Attorney General

Pamela Jo Bondi, Florida Attorney General

Samuel S. Olens, Georgia Attorney General

Lawrence G. Wasden, Idaho Attorney General

Derek Schmidt, Kansas Attorney General

James D. "Buddy" Caldwell, Louisiana Attorney General

Timothy C. Fox, Montana Attorney General

Jon Bruning, Nebraska Attorney General

E. Scott Pruitt, Oklahoma Attorney General

Alan Wilson, South Carolina Attorney General

Marty J. Jackley, South Dakota Attorney General

Greg Abbott, Texas Attorney General

Kenneth T. Cuccinelli, II, Virginia Attorney General

Patrick Morrisey, West Virginia Attorney General

In addition, we welcome you to write the Attorneys General. Their addresses can be found here: Click Here

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letter to express appreciation

Dear Attorney General:

This letter is to express appreciation for standing for our liberties and taking action against the Health and Human Services Mandate.

Thank you for taking notice that this mandate is problematic for ALL those who conscientiously object, and that the exception should also include non-profits and private businesses.

Despite the opposition you will receive, we urge you to continuing fighting this unreasonable mandate. AGAINST THEIR BELIEF STRUCTURE, no individual or business should be subject to pay for their employees insurance plans that include contraceptives, sterilization, abortion-inducing drugs and related counseling services.

Please continue the fight!

With appreciation,

[Your Name]

THANK YOU: 18 Attorneys General Fight Mandated Abortion Drug Coverage

Sign this petition now!

577 people have signed. Help us reach 1,000 signatures.