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CitizenGo (CitizenGO) is a web page and an association of citizens commited to various values inspired in christian humanism. It does not belong to any political party and it is non-denominational. Our main areas of work are the following: the conscious participation of citizens in politics, the dignity and the rights of the individual and the family, and the value of life. We develop our activities worldwide through the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian and Polish. Juridically, CitizenGO is a Foundation and has a Board headed by its President: Ignacio Arsuaga. You will find more information about CitizenGO here
The only commitment that comes with the status of CitizenGO member is to make a monthly financial contribution to CitizenGo Foundation in order to help defray operating expenses and develop campaigns and activities. You can unsubscribe at the time you want.
CitizenGo is a Spanish Foundation properly inscribed in Spain’s Foundations Register with the number 1582 and N.I.F. G-86736998. Our Statutes are public and may be downloaded and consulted in the following link:
If you become a member you will help us develop our work freely and independently. Furthermore, if we can count on monthly donations we will be able to plan our work and execute it with the guaranty that we will have the necessary resources to work in our projects successfully.
None. All CitizenGo activities are exclusively financed by its members’ donations and by their occasional donations or by the donations of those who are sympathetic to us. We do not receive subventions nor official donations of any type. Neither do we have behind of us companies or corporations. We are completely independent thanks to our members and donors.

If you live in Spain, yes, you are entitled to a tax deduction in your income tax (CitizenGO Foundation is based in Spain). Furthermore, according to the tax experts consulted by the European Foundation Center (EFC) and the Transnational Giving Europe (TGE) network (see study on "Taxation of cross-border philantropy in Europe after Persche and Stauffer - From landlock to free movement?", France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Belgium and the Czech Republic have implemented the European Union Law nondiscrimination rule for the application of your country of residence's tax benefits to cross-border donations (see chapter 5.1, page 28 of the study).

This mean that if you live in any of the above mentioned countries (France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Belgium and the Czech Republic), your donation to CitizenGO Foundation (a public-benefit organization based in Spain) would entitle you to request a tax deduction in your income tax, in accordance with the laws of your country of residence.

Finally, in any case, we recommend you to consult a local tax law expert to know more about the procedure to benefit from these tax deductions you would be entitled to receive thanks to your donations to CitizenGO.

CitizenGO is a very large network of citizens but it is small as an organization. We have a small but very efficient professional team that works with great enthusiasm in the development of the different campaigns we address. A marvelous group of voluntaries help us worldwide (this is something vital). Our operating expenses represent less than 20% of our income. The rest is dedicated entirely to the development of our activities, making sure that every donation, every periodic contributions received, however small, will be transformed into activity and results.
This is not possible, due to administrative and accountant reasons. But, as we said above, our structure is very small and 80% of our income are invested integrally on activities and concrete campaigns.
As a CitizenGO member you will receive periodical information about or activities and campaigns through your e-mail. You can also visit our webpage: and follow us through our Twitter accounts Twitter: @citizengo y Facebook:
It is very easy to become a member. You just have to fill out this form
If you prefer that we contact you, please leave us your personal data by filling out this form.
You can use both payment methods. You can choose the one you prefer at the time of signing up. If you have a bank account in Spain you will also be able to make a monthly donation through automatic debit. You can also change it anytime by sending us a You can make your bank transfer to IBAN: ES25 2038 1794 8860 0064 1911 (SWIFT-BIC: CAHMESMMXXX)
In order to reduce our administrative expenses we recommend that the minimum monthly fee be of $ 10. For the same reason (reducing administrative expenses) all fees are paid in the beginning of the month.
You may do it anytime through this link: You can also do it by phoning this number +34.91.353.01.47
Naturally, you can do it anytime you want. It is easy and fast throug this link or phone this number +34.91.353.01.47 and ask for your account cancelation.
Yes, there are different ways to collaborate with CitizenGO. The more effective is to become a volunteer:
Of course anyone can contribute to CitizenGo’s work with punctual donations. You can do it by clicking on this link.
Please be sure to write us using this contact form. We will be happy to talk to you.