Catholic Primary School Promote LGBT Agenda and Insults Parents Who Oppose

Allow Parents to Retain Their Teaching Authrity


Catholic Primary School Promote LGBT Agenda and Insults Parents Who Oppose

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Catholic Primary School Promote LGBT Agenda and Insults Parents Who Oppose

Last month, Carrie Morrow, the Headteacher of Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Primary School in Atherton near Wigan, did her best to undermine the beliefs of the faith school and to usurp parental authority by promoting the LGBT agenda within the school.

As part of a workshop to teach children about “diversity” a theatre company performed a play in which two princes fall in love and after some parents complained on social media, Miss Morrow not only refused to apologise but also accused those in the community opposed to the school’s actions of being "homophobic".

It seems that the school is failing its pupils and their parents in several important ways. First and foremost, the school is usurping the authority of parents in teaching matters far beyond its remit. Teaching about marriage and family are an essential parental activity and the school’s role in this matter must be secondary. Additionally, the Headteacher in undermining the ethos of the faith school, she is further undermining the authority of parents.

Presumably parents sent their children to this school because they wanted their children instructed in the Catholic faith.

As a further insult, the children at the school are now designing emblem for the boroughs first Pride event later this year and have recently been awarded the “Rainbow Flag” for their work in “challenging abuse towards LGBT people and promoting respect”. Of course the insinuation here is that respect cannot be promoted within the school’s faith ethos – an assumption which many of the parents and any Christian would deeply oppose.

In support of the Headteacher, it seems that the local press have taken to bullying some of the parents who dared to publicly express disapproval of the school’s actions, and some people were investigated by the (thought) police for so-called “homophobic” comments.

It is profoundly insulting to the entire Christian community and all those in support of traditional marriage that, rather than teaching in accordance with parental wishes and in accordance with what they believe to be the truth of the faith – that, heterosexual or homosexual, our true happiness lies in our relationship with God – Miss Morrow has decided to promote her own vision of the truth, ignore the faith foundation of the school and ignore the wishes of parents who have sent their children there.

Sign this petition to Archbishop Malcolm McMahon and to Miss Morrow, demanding an apology for her criticism of parents’ adherence to their own faith and asking that the Archbishop take appropriate disciplinary action.

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Teaching The LGBT Agenda to Primary School Children is Unacceptable

Dear The Most Reverend Malcolm McMahon OP and Headteacher of Sacred Heart RC Primary school, Carrie Morrow,

I trust you are aware of recent activity in Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Primary School in Atherton – a school which comes under your jurisdiction – which has recently been promoting the LGBT agenda through a play and have recently been awarded the “Rainbow Flag” by the Proud Trust for their role in promoting that agenda.

It appears that a number of the parents have publicly spoken out on social media and have subsequently be vilified by the local press and insulted by the Headteacher, Miss Carrie Morrow.

This denial of the Catholic faith within the context of the school, as well as the usurpation of parental authority on the part of the school, is utterly unacceptable.

At least part of the purpose of the Catholic school is to instruct the children in the faith, and part of the reason parents send their children to this school is to receive such instruction. Miss Morrow has, by her action, undermined the faith, challenged the very nature of faith schools and has rejected parental authority, and this cannot be allowed to continue.

Of course, persons with same-sex attraction have exactly the same inherent dignity as everyone else, but how the school approaches this – if indeed it should be approached at all given this is a primary school – should be done in a properly Christian manner.

I therefore demand a public apology from the Headteacher for her actions, and trust that you, as Archbishop, will take appropriate disciplinary action.

[Your Name]

Catholic Primary School Promote LGBT Agenda and Insults Parents Who Oppose

Sign this petition now!

6,927 people have signed. Help us reach 10,000 signatures.