Canada: Stand for LIFE!

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Canada: Stand for LIFE!

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Canada: Stand for LIFE!

On Wednesday, Justin Trudeau was sworn in as Canada's new prime minister, an occasion that signals the Canadian government's unfortunate decline into liberalism. Trudeau, the leader of the Liberal Party in Canada, has been an outspoken proponent of unfettered access to abortion, among other liberal policies.

Trudeau's swearing in was not the only distressing event for conservatives that occurred in Canada this week. Linda Gibbons, a grandmother and an outspoken opponent of abortion in Canada, appeared in court on Tuesday. Gibbons had hoped that she would be released, and she had even made plans to visit her mother, who turned 94 on Tuesday. Instead, she was told that she will remain behind bars until her next court date in January.

Gibbons has already been in jail for over two months since her arrest on September 2nd. She was arrested for peacefully standing outside a Toronto abortion mill with a sign that read, "Why Mom, when I have so much love to give." Gibbons peacefully protested for two hours before the police showed up and arrested her.

Come January, Gibbons will have spent a combined 11 years behind bars in Canada as a prisoner of pro-life conscience.

Gibbons is an all too lonely voice for life in Canada, but we must not allow her to remain so. Please stand with Linda Gibbons and with the unborn in Canada by writing to the new Prime Minister asking him to support LIFE. If he refuses to support life, the very least he should do is give freedom to those who wish to speak out according to their pro-life convictions.

New to his office, Trudeau should prove that he will lead Canada with a fair hand, even towards those who oppose his liberal pro-abortion policies.

Please stand with us by asking that Trudeau ensure the removal of the injunction that prevents Gibbons and others from peacefully protesting in front of abortion mills in Canada.

Freedom of speech and peaceful protest are cornerstones of a free and just society. Trudeau should show that he supports these tenets by releasing Gibbons and by allowing her and other pro-life protestors in Canada to protest on public property outside abortion mills. If he refuses, he will be showing his true colors as a liberal tyrant, one unconcerned with democracy and true rights.


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Free Linda Gibbons and Allow Freedom and Peaceful Protest in Canada

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, 

I am writing to you as a Canadian citizen who is concerned with the status of freedom and life in Canada.

I recognize that you stand fiercely against the right to life, but I would like to believe that you recognize that many Canadian citizens do not share your views. I hope that you also recognize that these individuals should have freedom to peacefully and publicly voice their opinions on this controversial issue. 

Linda Gibbons, a pro-life grandmother, is currently sitting in jail for peacefully protesting outside the Morgentaler abortion facility near Toronto. She was sent to jail for breaking a 1999 injunction that makes it illegal to protest within a 500-foot bubble zone of the Morgentaler facility. Not only is this law outdated and unnecessary, it is an assault to freedom of speech and peaceful protest.  

Please show that you will lead with a fair hand towards those who agree with you and those who do not. Please ensure Gibbons’ prompt release and ensure her right - and the right of other pro-life citizens - to peacefully protest. 

[Your Name]

Canada: Stand for LIFE!

Sign this petition now!

3,960 people have signed. Help us reach 5,000 signatures.