Should a Genocide Denier Country join the European Union?

Can the European Union welcome a country which is a Genocide denier?


Should a Genocide Denier Country join the European Union?

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Should a Genocide Denier Country join the European Union?

UPDATE 11/25/16: The EU has just passed a resolution putting Turkey's membership talks on hold. After the totalitarian crackdown on political opponents this summer, the EU decided that continuing to discuss Turkish membership in the EU would be inappropriate. This is a great victory! Thank you for helping us achieve a WIN in this petition!


By adopting the June 2, 2016 Resolution, in which it recognises the Armenian Genocide of 1915 and 1916, Germany has sided with countries including France, who have chosen to honour the memory of the Armenian victims of the first genocide of the Twentieth Century, and, in doing so, shine a spotlight on this dark and hidden page of history of mankind.

The German Resolution specifically mentions, "...the deplorable role of the German Reich which, as the main military ally of the Ottoman Empire (...), did nothing to stop this crime against humanity."

And Germany knows whereof it speaks, as shown in the role of the young German officer, Rudolf Hoess, who helped to "modernise" the Ottoman armies during the Armenian Genocide, before, himself, becoming, a few years later, the commandant of Auschwitz during the Second World War .

During the week of 23 June 2016, just passed, the European Union was subject to an extraordinary outburst on Islamophobia. During a graduation ceremony in Istanbul, the Turkish President, Mr Erdogan, felt entitled to insult the people of Europe, declaring that: "The European Union does not want us [Turkey] because the majority of its population is Muslim".

How does one reply to such an outrageous comment? One may reply that Turkey killed 1.3 million Armenians, precisely because they were not Muslims!

How does one reply to such disrespect? One may reply that 250,000 Assyrian-Chaldeans and 350,000 Greek Orthodox were also killed during 1915 and 1916...for the very same reason! And, this does not take into account the millions of others who had no other choice but to flee their country, in order to survive.

In another development: On 25 and 26 June, 2016, during his trip to Armenia, Pope Francis provoked an outcry in Turkey because he spoke about the Armenian Genocide. Regarding the Pope's comments, the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister spoke of a "mentality of crusaders".

But, surely, Pope Francis simply shone a light on the darkness of the past.

And, now, we need to ask the hard question: Will we accept into the European Union, a country which is a Genocide denier?

The answer is NO.

Therefore, as long as Turkey does not revisit its own history, it is certainly unproductive to continue any negotiations whatsoever on its entry into the European Union.

The petition is addressed to Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission.

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No Genocide Deniers

Mr Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission:

As you have recently learned in the Brexit vote, the citizens, of the different countries which make up the European Union, are sovereign. It is the will of the people which counts.

And today, the people who make up the European Union cannot accept that a country, which is a Genocide denier, joins the European Union.

Therefore, we thank you for asking Turkey to revisit its history in terms of truth and reason, so that it acknowledges the genocide perpetrated against the Armenian people in 1915 and 1916. We also ask that Turkey be made to repair, as far as possible, the immeasurable harm done during those deplorable years.

Until then, we ask you to suspend all negotiations for the integration of Turkey into the European Union.

Thank you for your serious consideration.

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Should a Genocide Denier Country join the European Union?

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74,847 people have signed.