Just in time for Easter: Leftist extremists are trying to seize Christian churches in Spain

Leftists take lawsuit to attempt seizure of a Spanish church and Cathedral


Just in time for Easter: Leftist extremists are trying to seize Christian churches in Spain

129,016 people have signed. Help us reach 200,000 signatures.

Just in time for Easter: Leftist extremists are trying to seize Christian churches in Spain

The City of Zaragoza, Spain - led by the Leftist, Podemos Mayor, Pedro Santisteve - has taken a lawsuit demanding that the ownership of the Cathedral of Zaragoza, as well as another famous, medieval church, there, the church of the Magdalena, be transferred from Church authorities to municipal authorities.

This is an attack on freedom of religion and freedom of conscience - not to mention property rights - everywhere...and, of course, the matter is coming to a head just in time for Holy Week and Easter.

The radical measure was explained by Zaragoza City Council spokesman, Fernando Rivarés:

"We want these temples, which were built and maintained with public money, to become public property...It is a matter of preserving the obligation of the City Council to defend public heritage".

For his part, the Archbishop of Zaragoza, Vicente Jiménez Zamora, says that the measure, set in motion by Mayor Santisteve, is legally "null". In addition to being rejected by the Church, this measure has also been rejected by the Municipal Corporation of Zaragoza and by the President of the Aragonese government, the Socialist, Javier Lambán.

Here is more background information on these recent events. City authorities are using a legal excuse to attempt to seize Church property: namely, that the registration of ownership of these buildings, in the name of the Church, was not properly carried out.

In fact, the Church has owned these centres of worship long before there was such thing as property registration. Even before town councils existed in Spain! And, of course, the Church has been using them for religious purposes, in an uninterrupted and public manner, for centuries.

But the radical Left doesn't care about freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, property rights, or even genuine separation of Church and state. Strangely, they believe that they are the legitimate heirs of the faithful people who built the Cathedral and the church of Magdalena...

Curiously, 8 April marked the 30th anniversary of the Church's registration of the church of the Magdalena. The reason, therefore, that the Leftists were rushing to challenge ownership is that if 30 years had passed without any claim, the right of ownership would've been consolidated to the Church.

Now, if we don't raise our voices, this cynical attempt by the City Council to seize church property, while futile, may be tried in other jurisdictions in Spain, or, indeed, in other countries.

Thus, this petition asks the Mayor of Zaragoza to desist with this futile attempt at a land (church) grab, and, rather, concentrate on the civil administration for which he was elected.

Thank you for defending the right of the Church to maintain its own property, and, in effect, the right of citizens to worship without interference from the state.




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Expropriating and seizing Zaragoza Cathedral is unjust

For the Attention of:

  • The Mayor of the City of Zaragoza, Mr Pedro Santisteve

I read with concern that you intend to expropriate the Cathedral of Zaragoza. For this, you have filed a lawsuit claiming the municipal ownership of the building.

I remind you that the Cathedral of Zaragoza, called Cathedral of the Saviour, known as La Seo, was built on the Roman Forum of Ceasar Augustus, in the 3rd Century AD, when it was already a Visigothic Episcopal See.

Since then, for 17 centuries, it has been a Christian temple, serving in an uninterrupted and public way.

Otherwise, La Seo has been, and is, open to tourists and citizens in general, so that everyone can enjoy their cultural heritage.

What, then, is the subject of the lawsuit? Why do you attempt to violate religious freedom, freedom of conscience, and property rights? Why does it bother you that the Church has had 17 consecutive centuries of maintaining religious worship in the Cathedral?

Do you really think this is a priority for the citizens of Zaragoza? Do you think they elected you Mayor to expropriate the Cathedral?

I ask you to devote yourself to the normal administrative tasks with which you have been entrusted, and respect religious freedom and worship.

[Your Name]

Just in time for Easter: Leftist extremists are trying to seize Christian churches in Spain

Sign this petition now!

129,016 people have signed. Help us reach 200,000 signatures.