As Christmas nears, give Archbishop Porteous a big show of support!

Sign a note of Gratitude and Encouragement to Archbishop Porteous as he Defends Marriage!


As Christmas nears, give Archbishop Porteous a big show of support!

3,598 people have signed. Help us reach 5,000 signatures.

As Christmas nears, give Archbishop Porteous a big show of support!

Although he has clearly stated that the Australian Catholic Bishops' pastoral letter on marriage, "Don't Mess with Marriage", was not intended to cause offence...And, although he was only performing one of the main duties as Archbishop, namely that of teaching the faithful about the nature of marriage, as between one man and one woman...

Nevertheless, Archbishop Julian Porteous, of Hobart, is being prosecuted under an absurd "anti-discrimination" law for doing his job, preaching the truth in and out of season.

Indeed, this past September 28th, a formal complaint was filed against him under Section 17 of the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Act, which, among other things, prohibits discrimination base on sexual orientation.

These claims stem from the publication of the above booklet called, "Don't Mess with Marriage," which was distributed to church-goers and parents of children in Catholic schools. The booklet basically summarises and explains the constant (and, heretofore, unremarkable) teaching of the Catholic Church on marriage, as the indissoluble union of one man and one woman, always open to the procreation of children.

The booklet commented on the complementarity of men and women in a marriage. Again, fairly obvious and low-key stuff.

But, offence was taken by LGBT activists. And, because of Tasmania's compliant legislative atmosphere, this complaint, as stated above, was opened.

Astonishingly, however, on 13th November, the Commission on Anti-Discrimination in Tasmania held that the claimant could proceed with the case, meaning that Archbishop Porteous would have to defend not only Christian teaching on marriage, but also the right to talk about it in public.

This is simply a breathtaking and absurd use of the law against a public figure, who has every right as a Christian leader, to inform and educate his flock, as well as take part in the larger public discourse - especially on an issue which has huge ramifications for society.

Now, precisely because of the case against him, Archbishop Porteous has the additional (and onerous) task of defending free speech and freedom of conscience, against a law which seems more designed to silence opposition than to inspire reasoned, if passionate, social debate.

Thankfully, in the meantime, both the claimant and Archbishop Porteous have entered into conciliation talks.

As we prepare for Christmas and the New Year, therefore, we would like to send Archbishop Porteous a note of encouragement and gratitute...encouragement to continue standing, uncompromisingly, for marriage as between a man and a woman, and gratitude for his Christian leadership in the face of this legal action.

We also want to insist that he not allow so-called "Diversity" education into his schools as part of any conciliation "deal" (if there be one), as such a step would be contrary to Christian teaching and contradict every good effort made so far.

But, for the moment, let's congratulate the Archbishop for handling this affair with intelligence, tact and Christian charity.

And, now, thank you for sending a Christmas gift of support to the Archbishop!

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Reflecting on the Christmas miracle: Thank you for standing firm on marriage

Dear Archbishop Porteous,

I wanted to send you a brief note of gratitude and encouragement.

It has been heartening to see a Christian leader act with equal measures of conviction and compassion on the issue of marriage.

And, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for doing so with courage, intelligence and tact.

We know that you are only performing the duty of your office, when you teach, as in the Catholic Bishops' pastoral letter, "Don't Mess with Marriage," that marriage is the indissoluble union of one man and one woman in holy matrimony. But, to maintain your composure (as you have), under the media spotlight, now that an "anti-discrimination" case has been taken...well, you are doing admirably well.

I know from your Facebook page, that conciliation is taking place. And so, I would simply encourage you to stand strong in your Christian convictions, not compromising on the truth, while, at the same time, being as charitable as reason will permit.

That said, I also need to encourage you to firmly and resolutely resist any attempt by anyone, or organisation, to force so-called "Diversity" education on your schools. Such a surrender would be a unconscionable mistake.

We -- who love freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech -- are counting on you!

But now, as you prepare for Christmas, we prayerfully wish you all the best with what lies ahead.

[Your Name]

As Christmas nears, give Archbishop Porteous a big show of support!

Sign this petition now!

3,598 people have signed. Help us reach 5,000 signatures.