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Anna Derbyshire  


We are SO close to a complete victory! The bodies of the five fully-formed aborted infants have been spared destruction! 

In the wake of the recent attack on Israel, we witnessed U.S. university students protesting in support of Hamas terrorists. Should we be shocked to find the same nations who support Hamas also fund our most prestigious universities?

It is distressing to witness the alarming increase in anti-Semitism, jeopardizing the safety and well-being of university students. We cannot be silent spectators!  History has certainly taught us that silence in the face of anti-Semitism is equal to participation - it is time to take action!

A dangerous new website,, is putting women, teen girls, and unborn babies at risk. Launched in mid-September, this site leads anonymous users through several steps, ultimately providing them with mail-order abortion pills without a prescription.

In a single day, hundreds of children, men and women were killed in a bloodbath that reminded many observers of the deeds of ISIS and the Holocaust. As a result, many more innocent civilians are now dying as casualties of Israel's counterattacks.

We, the entire team at CitizenGO, are personally shocked and affected.

The American Library Association has a newly elected President, Emily Drabinski, who brags she is a “Marxist lesbian” dedicated to the “Queering” of books for children, "drag queen" story hours, and violent opposition to Christians.

Barbaric violence has occurred in Washington, D.C. It is time we shone a light on it. In broad daylight, the unthinkable has been overlooked and covered up.