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The UN agency tasked with elevating the status of women around the world is now attacking the same women it is supposed to be protecting and promoting.

The UN Women is now pushing for the scrapping of the titles "woman" and feminine in the name of gender equality.

Nigerians have been asked to obtain a vaccine before going to church which is ridiculous.

We support the measures and guidelines applied to contain the pandemic worldwide but it is against the rights and freedoms of citizens to force them to take vaccinations against their will.

It is very unfortunate that Nigerians have to demand to be protected from evil content yet the National Film and Video Censors Board claims to be doing its job.

This time it is not Netflix going astray, but director Paul Verhoeven and the Zurich-based production company Pathé Films AG. His film "Benedetta" was shown as a competition entry at the film festival and soon released.

In April 2021, the European Union negotiated an "Economic Empowerment" agreement with members of African, Caribbean and Pacific States.  This agreement would superficially look good to member states but has a lot of hidden agendas.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is updating its technical and policy guidance on “safe abortion.” A recent publication strongly suggests that the forthcoming guidance will increase pressure on countries to remove legal protections from unborn children and health workers who object to participating in abortions.

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In South Africa, the raging debate is on assisted suicide also known as Euthanasia.

A group of activists are in court asking the judicial system to make it a requirement for doctors in South Africa to kill on demand.

The last couple of weeks have been the most traumatising in Kenya.

We have witnessed young lives being buried after they were allegedly arrested and lost their lives in the circus.

A few hours later four other young lives were murdered by what is alleged to be herdsmen. 

It is a dark day for students from Universities in Uganda who attempted to participate in an event hosted by Makerere University, the largest and oldest UNiversity in Uganda.

In April 2021, the European Union negotiated an "Economic Empowerment" agreement with members of African, Caribbean and Pacific States.  This agreement would superficially look good to member states but has a lot of hidden agendas.

Kidnappings and the massacre of Christians by Boko Haram extremists have become the norm of the day in Nigeria.

The government of the President of Buhari has failed to protect its citizenry despite many petitions and pleas from our members and the globe.

The Kenyan government through the Ministry of East African Community, Labour and Social services drafted a family policy with the help of stakeholders in 2017.

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On 1 June, something terrible happened.

This is the day that LEGO launched its first explicit LGBTQ set.

LEGO, one of the most famous toymakers in the world, has decided to follow Disney's lead in propagating LGBTQ propaganda towards children.

We all know Netflix was unapologetic in peddling pedophilia when they launched Cuties. Now they are continuing their assault on Christians around the world.

On June 7th, the European Parliament votes on the so-called "Matic Report" where among other things abortion is defined as a "human right."

The report has the official title "The situation of sexual and reproductive health and rights in the EU from the perspective of women's health."

Italien hat bei der Weltgesundheitsversammlung (WHA), dem Entscheidungsgremium der Weltgesundheitsorganisation WHO, den Antrag eingebracht, die Vertretung des Heiligen Stuhls als ständiges Mitglied in den Exekutivrat der Weltgesundheitsorganisation aufzunehmen.

Der Antrag Italiens wird unter anderem von Polen und Ungarn unterstützt, während das Lager der Abtreibungsbefürworter und der Anti-Familien-Aktivisten...

The Holy See representation at the United Nations has applied to be enjoined at the World Health Organization but is receiving a lot of opposition from the pro-aborts and anti-family activists.

One of the leftists claimed that the WHO is not "a place for religious" representatives which is grossly wrong.

We have less than 72 hours before a very controversial event dubbed "The Generation Equality Forum" kick starts in Paris, France.

The UN women recently came up with what you call a " civil society centred" event named the Generation Equality Forum.

Your signed pledge is more than a statement of support to expose the  European Parliamentary Forum for Sexual & Reproductive Rights' illicit actions taken to attack your CitizenGO.